HiSilicon Optoelectronics 25G Tunable DWDM Optical Module White Paper


The 5G era is here. 25G fronthaul interfaces can use Ethernet protocols and allow abundant O&M methods. In addition, the underlying industry chain of 25G Ethernet optical modules can be reused. All these make 25G fronthaul interfaces the preference for the industry. Currently, the number of wireless base stations and consequent CAPEX increase sharply. In this context, a more cost-effective 25G fronthaul optical module is required. The limited fiber resources of operators also drive the demand for colored optical modules.

HiSilicon Optoelectronics 25G Tunable DWDM optical module can meet the requirements of 5G fronthaul networks for large capacity, high reliability, and easy O&M, thereby building diversified access pipes for 5G fronthaul.